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Portsmouth, CA · Healthcare
Anesthesiologist (Any state License)
Possess and maintain a current Board Certification in Anesthesiology accredited by the American Board of Anesthesiology or the American Osteopathic Board of Anesthesiology.
Possess experience as an Anesthesiologist of at least two (2) years, within the preceding three (3) years. 
Possess Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification.
Provide two letters of recommendation written within the last two years attesting to clinical skills.  A minimum of one of the letters must be from a supervisor.  The other letter must be from either a clinic or hospital administrator, or a practicing physician.  Reference letters shall attest to the quality and quantity of experience.  The letters may also address patient rapport and the communication skills between practitioner and patient and among peers.  Recommendation letters must include name, title, phone number, date of reference, address and signature of the individual providing reference.
Job Duties:
Contractor personnel shall perform a full range of duties consistent with their labor category, education, training, experience, clinical privileges (as applicable), and assigned position. General duties that apply to all personnel or across certain labor categories are given below.  Duties that apply to all contractor personnel are as follows:          
Maintain a level of productivity comparable with that of other individuals performing similar services. 
Participate in peer review and performance improvement activities.
Practice aseptic techniques as necessary.  Comply with infection control guidelines to include the proper handling, storage, and disposal of infectious wastes, and the use of universal precautions to prevent the spread of infection. 
Function with an awareness and application of safety procedures.
Perform efficiently in emergency patient situations following established protocols, remaining calm, informing appropriate persons, and documenting events.  Anticipate potential problems/emergencies and make appropriate interventions.  Notify supervisor, director, or other designated person regarding problems that the HCW is unable to manage.
Apply an awareness of legal issues in all aspects of patient care and strive to manage situations in a reduced risk manner.
Participate in the implementation of the Family Advocacy Program as directed.  Participation shall include, but not be limited to, appropriate medical examination, documentation, and reporting.
Exercise awareness and sensitivity to patient/significant others' rights, as identified within the MTF.
Maintain an awareness of responsibility and accountability for own professional practice.
Participate in continuing education to meet own professional growth.
Attend and/or comply with all annual training classes required by the Command, to include but not limited to online annual training provided by the MTF: disaster training, infection control, Sexual Harassment, Bloodborne Pathogens, Fire and Safety, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE), and all other required training.
Actively participate in the command’s Performance Improvement Program.  Participate in meetings to review and evaluate the care provided to patients, identify opportunities to improve the care delivered, and recommend corrective action when problems exist.
Participate in the provision of in-service training to clinic staff members.  Provide training and/or direction as applicable to supporting government employe­es (e.g., hospital corpsmen, students, etc.).
Attend and participate in various meetings as directed.
Perform timely, accurate, and concise documentation of patient care.
Operate and manipulate automated systems such as CHCS, AHLTA, Essentris, MHS Genesis and Clinical Information System (CIS), participate in clinical staff Performance Improvement (PI) and Risk Management (RM) functions, as prescribed by the Commander. Maintain DOD email account as directed. The HCW shall be responsive to all email and voicemail communications.
Exercise appropriate delegation of tasks and duties in the clinical direction and coordination of health care team members, patient care, and clinic activities.
Maintain documentation of all treatment provided in accordance with clinic directives, and prepare such records and reports as may be required. All records and reports must be legible. Abbreviations must be only those listed in local instructions.
The HCW shall provide services within the scope of the clinical privileges granted by the commanding officer, the applicable duties provided in the basic contract, and the following:
Perform Permanent nerve blocks and Multidisciplinary direction of pain management.
Hours of performance.
Services shall be provided Monday through Friday, between the hours of 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM.  Each HCW will provide a minimum of eighty (80) hours of service, not to exceed a maximum of one hundred (100) hours per 2- week period.  End of shift times will be adjusted at the discretion of the government given daily clinical volume.  Shifts will include an uncompensated thirty (30) minute meal break, as workload permits. Any changes in the schedule shall be coordinated between the HCW and the Government.  When required, to ensure completion of services that extend beyond the normal close of business, the HCW shall remain on duty in excess of the scheduled shift. The HCW will be given an equal amount of compensatory time to be scheduled upon mutual agreement of the HCW and the Commanding Officer. The HCW shall use all compensatory time within a two week period. All unused compensatory leave will be forfeited, if not used at the end of the period of performance.
On-Call Hours
The HCW shall provide “in house” on call services for weekends, holidays, and training holidays.  On call is scheduled for in-house a maximum of two (2) occasions per month.  In-house call periods will usually be 7:45 AM-4:00 PM Saturday, Sunday or Holidays, 3:45PM -07:45 AM Monday through Friday, or a twenty-four (24) hour shift on weekends.  All call time is subtracted from the hours worked per week so that the total weekly time worked is no greater than the maximum hours scheduled. When the HCW provides on-call coverage, the HCW will not be scheduled for duty the next twenty-four (24) hours unless the in-house call was from 0745-1600. 
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